Wauwatosa: A Sanctuary City!

[From Alder Heather Kuhl]
Can you start working toward making Wauwatosa a safer and more inclusive community?
Below you will find the link to the form letter template that we drafted for folks to send to their local reps to support the upcoming Sanctuary Status ordinance.
The only way that this is going to go anywhere is through overwhelming public support, and that support needs to be in the form of emails and showing up at the Government Affairs meeting. As soon as I know when this is going onto the agenda I will let everyone know.  As we have seen from the recent decisions made on local development proposals, bodies in the room is the way to sway the council so the more people that show up the more likely that hesitant council members will support this.
PLEASE pass this on to any Tosan that you think will support this. We need all districts to be engaged.  If you have faith leaders that are interested in this please ask them to support it. If they are willing to publicly support it and encourage their congregation to get involved, even better. I'm happy to talk to anyone who wants more information. 
Thank you so much for your time. 


Heather Kuhl
Alder, Wauwatosa District 5
[email protected]

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