Urgent: Water Privatization Bill Up for Vote Feb. 16

[Courtesy announcement from our friends at the AFL-CIO]

We’ve just learned that the Senate has made a last minute, late in the day addition to the Senate calendar for tomorrow, Tuesday, February 16, adding in a vote on the Fast Path to Water Privatization Bill (AB 554) – a bill that will impact each and every Wisconsinite, young and old.

Don’t delay, take action now.

Right now, we need to sound the alarm so that private companies don’t mess with our municipal water systems without democratic input from local citizens. Contact your Senator ASAP and let them know you oppose the Fast Path to Water Privatization Bill.

In Flint, Michigan we’ve seen the toxic consequences of trying to cut costs in providing safe drinking water. The Fast Path to Water Privatization Bill paves the way for corporate control of Wisconsin’s municipal water services by eliminating the required referendum for local citizen input.

Make no mistake, this bill is the first step in selling off our water to the highest bidder. 

The bill was quietly introduced at the request of Aqua America, a private water company that has been charged with hundreds of complaints of mismanaging the delivery of clean water across America.

Don’t delay. Contact your Senator immediately and tell them to keep our public water systems out of the hands of private companies.

In Solidarity,

Phil Neuenfeldt, President

Stephanie Bloomingdale, Secretary-Treasurer 

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