Upcoming Campaign Activities

The election is roaring toward us, voters are beginning to get their absentee ballots in the mail. The time to act is NOW!

There are many ways to help. 

If phone banking is your thing, sign up with the Democrats' co-ordinated campaign:  https://forms.gle/Xnvn8ovS17Cdcg2d7

For other options, read on.

Here are some upcoming and ongoing campaign activities. Pick the one(s) you're most comfortable with -- then maybe try one a little out of your comfort zone. It's all for a good cause.

(Use the  handy form at MyVote Wisconsin to find out what district you live in.)

Sara Rodriguez,
Candidate for State Assembly in the 13th District. (web site)

Sara is a registered nurse and an experienced healthcare executive who has worked in a variety of leadership roles for over 20 years, including recently founding a healthcare consulting firm.

Sara's campaign has been connecting with strong and leaning Dems, and now they're going to make sure that Republican women know they have the option to vote for a Democrat (since our opponent is someone who basically goes along with the off-the-rails GOP leadership). This mini-campaign is reaching out to these voters twice: 

Lit Drop 

The targeted areas are adjacent to Tosa in Milwaukee and West Allis areas of the 13th district. It's socially distanced: just put literature in the door and move on. These are small turfs, so you can easily do one in an hour or two -- then come back and get another! Sign up to drop literature.

Postcards for Sara
When voters are contacted by other voters, it sends a strong message. Post cards are pre-addressed and stamps are provided, so you can reach out to 25 voters while watching the news (and probably getting more fired up to defeat Republicans at every level). Sign up to write postcards.

Please Note: You don't have to finish the postcards or lit drop in one session. However, since voters are beginning to vote, we want to reach them ASAP.

Host a yard sign
You know you want to. Get 'em here.

Robyn Vining, 
candidate for State Assembly in the 14th District (web site)

in 2018, Robyn defied gerrymandering to be the first Wisconsin Democrat to flip a seat in a decade! Robyn now serves as a member of the Committees on Health, Children & Families, Small Business Development, and Financial Institutions, in addition to the Assembly Task Force on Adoption.

In Madison, she works on policies related to protecting the health and safety of children and families, promoting good government, and supporting small businesses.

How to help:

Sign up to volunteer here.

Host a yard sign
You know you want to. Get 'em here.

Visit Robyn's website to learn about upcoming events

Tom Palzewitz,
Candidate for Congress in the 5th Congressional District
 (web site

"I am running as a Democrat for one simple reason: equality. People are created as equals, and nothing along the way changes that ideal or its value in fairness. Equality in education, fairness in taxation, equality in marriage, fairness in justice. The principle of equality is the ideal our country was founded on and meant to achieve, and as your Member of Congress from the 5th District, these are the issues I will fight for day in and day out."

Tom ran against the entrenched and heavily gerrymandered Jim Sensenbrenner in 2018. This year, he's up against the truly awful Scott Fitzgerald. It's tough fight, and we need you to help every way you can.

How to help:

Sign up to volunteer here


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