Tosa Together Holds First Forum Oct. 5

Tosa Together is a new group of Wauwatosa residents with the goal of working to make our city a more welcoming community to our growing diverse population.  On October 5, the group held its first forum at the Wauwatosa Public Library.  The focus of the evening was the recent fatal shooting by a Wauwatosa police officer of a young African-American man, Jay Anderson Jr., in Madison Park.

The forum was attended by over 100 people who heard the Anderson family talk about Jay and reveal how after almost 4 months now, they’ve learned little about what happened to their son and family member that night. 

Although there has been much attention in the last few months on police shootings both locally and nationally, the circumstances of what happened to Jay Anderson Jr. on June 23 in Madison Park remain a mystery.  The Anderson family waits patiently for answers.

For more information on Tosa Together, contact Joanne Shansky, [email protected], 414-315-0928.

Here is the TOSA NOW article about the forum:



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