Tosa to start County Grounds rezoning process

he Wauwatosa Plan Commission will take up the Milwaukee County Economic Development Department’s rezoning application at its 7pm meeting this Monday, Nov. 13, at City Hall.

But that application does not reflect the letter, “intent or spirit” of the County Board’s original request of Wauwatosa to rezone the Sanctuary Woods and surrounding areas as “Parkland.” And 13 county supervisors, a majority of the County Board, have written the Plan Commission to tell them just that.

We need you to join us at Monday’s Plan Commission meeting to express your concerns—specifically opposing:

•Extending 92nd street northward, slicing through natural areas we’re trying to reconnect.

•Extending the carve-out for the Food Services Building east of 92nd Street northward and eastward — right up to the Sanctuary Woods tree line, cutting off public access to the woods for most, including the handicapped, pedestrians and bicyclists — for a building project that’s still not been made public.

•Carving out the wooded area between the Ronald McDonald House and the Wisconsin Athletic Club for development — again blocking off a potential public portal to Sanctuary Woods — and again for “mixed use, residential housing, office buildings or retail” development that hasn’t even made it to the drawing board yet.

There’s just too much we don’t know, and the Plan Commission doesn’t know, for them to proceed. No matter what each of us has to say about any of these concerns, that’s the message we need to send the commissioners:

“There’s just too much we and you don’t know, so please don't proceed.”

Even if you can’t attend the Plan Commission meeting, you can voice your concerns in a letter or email to Wauwatosa City Clerk Carla Ledesma, Wauwatosa City Hall, 7725 W North Ave, Wauwatosa WI 53213, [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>.

To make sure your comments are entered into the Plan Commission record and distributed to all the commissioners, let Ms. Ledesma know that your letter or email is “for distribution and for the record” regarding Nov. 13, 2017, Agenda items 5–9, the rezoning applications from the Milwaukee County Economic Development Department.

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