Spring 2019 Election, April 2, 2019

Let's face it, the GOP has been doing a better job at taking control of the government. One way has been to motivate people to vote for judicial elections, which can have long-lasting effects on our democracy. Our opponents have been turning out for spring elections, and we have to, as well. There ARE more of us, but if we don't vote, that doesn't matter.

On April 2, we have the opportunity to make a big impact on our state by electing Lisa Neubauer to the State Supreme Court.

Lisa is the Chief Judge of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, and she's running against an unqualified ideologue who's more interested in imposing his theocratic views than defending our constitution. There are many ways to support Lisa, – check out this link for the standard ones. Also, if you're interested in reaching out to voters – and connecting with other fellow progressives –consider joining the letter-writing campaign being conducted at the Colectivo on 68th and Wells on Sundays at 6:30.

Another important race is for Milwaukee County Circuit Court in Branch 40. Danielle Shelton is a public defender and U.S. Army veteran who earned her law degree at Marquette University. During law school, she worked in the Mediation Clinic with former Supreme Court Justice Janine Geske. Danielle has worked to help immigrants become situated in new communities, as a Senior Law civil attorney for a nonprofit organization, and currently serves as an Assistant State Public Defender. You can learn more about Danielle at her web site.

Finally, a reminder that in-person absentee voting (early voting) begins March 18 at city hall. Voting hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For more information about absentee voting, visit MyVote Wisconsin.

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