Sensenbrenner Wauwatosa Town Hall Meeting March 13

Congressman Sensenbrenner will hold a town hall meeting on Monday March 13 at 7 p.m. in the Firefly room of the Wauwatosa Library.

This is an opportunity to ask him about his views on repealing the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare) and to share our views on improving it.

It's also a chance to ask about investigations into Russian interference in our elections, and allegations of undue Russian influence on the Trump administration.

It's important that we conduct ourselves with dignity, but also that we don't allow Sensenbrenner to waste our time by evading questions.


  • Are you willing to support Rep. Jason Chaffetz’ inquiry into alleged ethical violations by Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway’s promotion of  Ivanka Trump products?
  • Are you willing to guarantee to your constituents that you will not  vote to diminish the benefits currently provided by Social Security? Are you willing to guarantee to your constituents that you will not vote to diminish the benefits currently provided by Medicare, including any attempt to privatize or create a voucher system?
  • What is your plan for replacing the Affordable Care Act?
  • Are you willing to guarantee that you will not support any additional effort by Attorney General Sessions to limit the protections of the Voting Rights Act?
  • What is your position on DACA?
  • Will you vote to support a revised travel executive order that contains indefinite bans on immigration from any country?  Or do you support only specified time bans?
  •  Do you support the recent ICE raids that resulted in the deportation of undocumented individuals that did not have criminal records
  • Will you publicly condemn President Trump’s tweeting that  a member of the federal judiciary is a “so-called judge”?
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