March 27: Protest Walker's misguided school safety plan **CANCELLED**

This event has been cancelled;Walker will not be visiting the school.

[From our friends at Indivisible Tosa]

Gov. Scott Walker has signed the $100 million school safety legislation, he is still planning to visit Roosevelt Elementary on Tuesday, March 27 at 1:30 p.m. The school safety bill is more rhetoric than real change. It contains zero gun safety measures. It does NOT do enough to protect our teachers or kids. Yet our governor is coming to Tosa to pose for a photo shoot to celebrate "mission accomplished."

We will gather outside Roosevelt on 73rd St. at 1 p.m. for a silent protest with signs that show we want common-sense gun reform NOW. In the words of Sen. Chris Larson, this bill is "a baby step when giant leaps and bounds are needed." Wear orange (the anti-violence color) if you can. Our intention is to show our governor and the media that we care passionately about this issue and expect more from our legislators.

PLEASE NOTE: This will be a SILENT protest because we don't want to scare or disrupt the kids inside the school. Please also be mindful of the words on your signs and how they might be perceived by young children. Also, please do not share information about this event on your personal page. We'd rather keep the element of surprise so they don't just move the event elsewhere. Thanks!

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