Primary Election August 9

Please vote in the August 9 primary election. 

The candidates we have endorsed are listed below and each have an opponent on the ballot who claims to be a Democrat but is actually supported by high-level Republicans.  In addition, there are few if any Republicans being challenged, so crossover voting (non-Dems actually voting in the Democratic primary) is likely, and in a low-turnout election that could determine the outcome. 

Russ Feingold could actually be knocked entirely out of the race on August 9! 


And the election for DA will be entirely determined by the primary since there is no Republican running for that office.


Grassroots Tosa endorses the following candidates:

John Chisholm for Milwaukee County District Attorney – His “public health” approach to crime prevention has been recognized nationally.  He understands conditions that can lead to crime and he believes in providing supportive actions and services to prevent it.  His office helped to create the Sojourner Family Peace Center, which has been credited with helping to substantially reduce domestic violence homicides, and he’s established the only dedicated firearms reduction unit in the state, in fact one of the few in the country.  Because of his approach of reducing both crime and incarceration, we feel John Chisholm should be re-elected.

Russ Feingold for US Senate – Russ served Wisconsin with distinction as a US Senator from 1993 – 2011.  He has a great track record as an independent Senator who has stood up to corporate interests and advocated for policies that are fair to those who don’t hold the wealth in this country.  He supports issues like raising the minimum wage and paid family leave.  He has worked in a bipartisan manner on important issues, a quality we desperately need in Congress now.  We also like the fact that he regularly gets around to every county in the state!

Early in-person voting at Wauwatosa city hall is weekdays July 25 – Aug. 5.

Please remind friends and family to vote!

Grassroots Tosa Steering Committee

Peter Abbott
Joanne Shansky
Greg Walz-Chojnacki
Craig Wentzel

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