Outpost Elections

Outpost Natural Foods is currently holding an election for its Board of Directors.  The election goes through Monday, April 3.  Here is the link for more information on the candidates, and for members to cast their vote online:


In this election, Grassroots Tosa asks for your support for Pat McFarland and John Flanner.

Pat McFarland is a longtime member of Grassroots Tosa, and in fact it is usually Pat’s voice you hear on our robocalls!

Pat would like to serve another term on the Outpost Board to continue her work in carrying out the co-op’s principles and mission.  In particular she has worked to improve access to healthy food options for all, regardless of income.  She also believes in workplace equity, and holds high regard for Outpost employees.

Pat has been an early childhood instructor at MATC for over 30 years where she’s been involved with offering professional development opportunities to other faculty members.  She has been a consistent activist regarding issues that affect both students and faculty at the college. 

Due in large part to her career teaching in a large urban community college, Pat is very mindful of the necessity of mutual respect for all.  She has organized faith dinners that are inclusive in design and welcoming to all.


John Flanner is a retail sales manager whose professional career has been spent working in and managing specialty retail organizations.  In this very competitive food market, John's retail business experience will help guide Outpost Co-op through this time of great changes in the specialty food market.

John is experienced in strategic planning, financial management and managing operations, especially in an inventory based business.  He holds a business degree from UW-Madison and he currently works as a retail sales manager at REI, a national retail co-op.

John also volunteers with Literacy Services, working with people from many different ethnic backgrounds.  He is active with an inner city church in Milwaukee with a very diverse congregation.  John is comfortable working alongside, and learning from, people of any culture or background.

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