Oppose State Assembly Bill 1

[From Dain Maddox]

I am a member of the League of Progressive Seniors. We are initiating a campaign to Stop Assembly Speaker Robin Vos from taking control of COVID policies, federal money and vaccine distribution!

During 2020, Vos closed down the legislature and did nothing to protect the state while almost 5,000 people died. He filed a series of lawsuits to stop the Governor from preventing the spread of COVID. In December, Governor Evers and the State Assembly developed a joint plan to fight COVID using new federal aid and the vaccine supplies.  Now, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos dumped the joint plan and introduced his own bill taking power over the whole process of fighting the pandemic. He is pushing it through the legislature as fast as possible. Public hearings are being held now and a vote in the State Assembly is scheduled for this Thursday January 7th. Vos’s bill would give him more power to dictate and control:

  • local governments efforts to address the pandemic.
  • school districts ability to respond to COVID.
  • how to spend funds coming from the federal government.
  • how to distribute the vaccine.

Here is a Report on the Vos Failure to fight Covid in 2020 and the details of his plan.

Please distribute this to your contacts and ask everyone to call their Assembly Representative to VOTE NO on Vos Assembly Bill 1. It is a matter of our security, our economy and the life and death of state residents.  To find your representative, go to https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/MyElectedOfficials


Dain Maddox

[email protected]


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