Oct. 24, Shared Values Gathering

6:30-8:30 p.m at the Tosa Library Firefly Rm.

Among the currently confirmed attendees are

  • Congressional candidate Tom Palzewicz,
  • DNC Representative Khary Penebaker,
  • Ed Fallone/Supreme Ct ,
  • Rebecca Kiefer/circuit ct branch 29
  • State Rep. Robyn Vining, and
  • Mike Arney, who will give a Climate Lobby Update.

There'll also be a discussion of absentee voting.

This is event is not associated with a political party, making it an opportunity to meet and talk to people who might not be in your political "silo."

Since it's about shared values, though, you'll have more in common than differences with anyone you do meet!

Contact Sandy Zellmer at [email protected] , 414-315-0291, if you have questions, or just want to RSVP.

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