March 13, Sensenbrenner Wauwatosa Town Hall Meeting

March 13, 7 p.m.

Wauwatosa Public Library Firefly Room

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner is having a town hall/listening session in the Firefly room at the Wauwatosa Public Library. If there is an overflow crowd, we will also have a march/demonstration outside for those that are unable to get in. Radio show The Devil's Advocate will be recording the whole affair. Get there early, these fill up quickly.

Prepare your questions and Agree/Disagree signs (suggested alternate: Da/Nyet, in honor of the Turmp-Putin bromance.)

Topics to consider:

Russian interference and influence:

  • Why did you vote against H.R. 111? (Read more...)
  • Congressional oversight: Americans want to know our administration is not compromised
  • Jeff Sessions lied during his confirmation: What will you do?

Proposed GOP Health Care plan:

  • Will this provide more or less insurance?
  • Why is this being considered before CBO scoring?
  • Does the benefit those who don't need assistance and disadvantage those who do?
  • Here are talking points at Organizing for America


  • Do you support DeVos' draconian cuts to education funding and school lunch funding?
  • Do you really think DeVos was qualified to be an advocate for the education of America's children?
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