July 27, Canvass Our Community

Once again, the Wisconsin Democrats' Organizing Corps will be reaching out to voters to get a better understanding of how we can persuade them to end the Trump/GOP Reign of Error. Here's how to join in this important prelude to the all-important 2020 election.

Join fellow Tosans canvassing in Tosa to learn what's making voters tick in our community. This is important groundwork for a progressive victory in 2020.

You may not know whom you're voting for in 2020, yet, but you  know whom we want to beat in 2020. This is one way we'll make it happen.

Date: Saturday, July 27th

Launch time: 9am

Launch location: 6426 Upper Parkway North (map)

Purpose: Once again, we are here to listen and talk to our fellow community members about what matters to them : )



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