Joint Finance Committee Public Hearings April 10

The Joint Finance Committee will hold a public hearing Wednesday, April 10  from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Oak Creek Community Center, 8580 S. Howell Ave. Oak Creek Wisconsin 53254.

This is an opportunity to support Governor Evers' budget and push back on the GOP's obfuscation and deceptive rhetoric regarding the state's budget priorities.

The governor is proposing to expand Medicaid, reinvigorate k-12 and higher education, end partsan gerrymandering, sensibly begin restoring our infrastructure. He also offered a Safe and Just proposal to decriminalize marijuana, and thereby reduce the ludicrous incarceration of persons for marijuana possession, as well as reform the juvenile justice system.

The GOP is offering it standard plutocratic mullarky about taxes and spending and hysterical rhetoric on marijuana.

While we can't expect to change the minds of the Republican legislators, the hearings do offer an opportunity to indirectly speak to Republican voters in attendance.

Want to bone up on the budget before going? Here are some useful resources:

Also, here's information on the Wisconsin Budget process.

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