Join Lift the Vote to turn out the vote this Saturday, July 9!

Dear friend and neighbor,

As you know, the right to vote faces many obstacles here in Wisconsin and elsewhere. Gerrymandering has also distorted true citizen representation in many states. It’s now time to remind folks of the importance of voting, along with clear information on how to do it.

To that end, we're hosting a monthly letter writing campaign to encourage voters to show up at the polls on November 8. We'll do this through a national letter-writing campaign coordinated by the Vote Forward Campaign.

You can learn more below, or RVSP at

The idea is that letters with a personal touch are more effective and more efficient than door-knocking or phone-banking. We'll be sending letters to likely Democratic voters nationwide, selected by Vote Forward.

Vote Forward produces form letters, including names and addresses. We add a personal, non-partisan note with a first-name-only signature. It can be a couple of sentences about why you think it's important to vote. While the IRS requires letters be non-partisan (not supporting a party or candidate) it is permissible to advocate positions on key issues.

We're only asking you to complete 20 or more letters each month until the November elections (less than one a day!). It's embarrassingly easy, so we encourage you to do more. We will provide stamps and envelopes and ask that you reimburse us $12 for every 20 letters to cover costs.

Here's our plan: Meet from 10 to 11 a.m. on the second Saturday of every month, starting July 9, at Jaime and Jack's house, 5900 W Valley Forge Drive. Please RSVP to Jaime at [email protected] or 414-405-5510. (If it's a nice day, we might meet in the yard.)

Bring any beverage you’d like; we'll provide coffee and tea. We'll hook you up with the Vote Forward system to generate your list of people to contact with the form letters and your personal message.

Thanks so much for giving our proposal serious consideration. We're especially looking forward to all the social opportunities.


Jaime McBrady
Jack Norman
Cathy Kendrigan
Peter Abbott

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