Indivisible Update, May 12

From our friends at Indivisible Tosa:

  • Inclusion and Equity Commission considered at May 14 Government Affairs Committee meeting
  • May 18 pop-up rally to support Medicaid expansion
  • Save the Date: Sensenbrenner Town Hall July 1


The first Government Affairs Committee meeting about the proposed Equity and Inclusion Commission that happened on April 30th went well, with certain notable exceptions. The work is not done, however, and there is going to be another meeting on May 14 at 7:30 PM. The stories and testimonies citizens gave were extremely important in making the first meeting a success, and will be extremely important in ensuring that this commission happens. At a time when Tosa is changing, the nation is changing, and the forces of reaction are desperate to turn back the clock through fear-mongering xenophobia, this is a concrete measure we as citizens can take to build a better, stronger community right in our own backyard.

WE NEED AS MANY PEOPLE AS WE CAN GET. There is no need to mince words-those of us who were there tfor the Sanctuary City proposal (which wasn't actually proposing to make Tosa a Sanctuary City, but was portrayed as such by its opponents) will remember how ugly things got. The more people we have to support this, the more we can all rely on one another's strength in the event that opponents try the same ugly tactics they used that night. Our shared strength is our most potent strength. We can see this through if we do it together. Sign up here:


It will come as no surprise that State Republicans have voted to kill Medicaid expansion. The reasons to take the Medicaid expansion are obvious from health care, moral, and state budget reasons. There are no good reasons not to take it. States run by Republicans around the nation have accepted this reality and the financial help that comes with it. Wisconsin Republicans are, frankly, ideologues and fools. 

But the fight is not over, even after today's vote. There will still be back-and-forth as the budget is debated in both chambers. Amendments can be made. Republicans such as Hutton and Kooyenga can still be pressured to buck their leadership-both of them won by small margins in the last election, and 70% of Wisconsinites support expansion. To this end, we are having a pop up rally at the corner of North and Wauwatosa on Saturday, May 18th. A big crowd will bring media, and that will send a message to our state politicians-represent us or pay at election time. Sign up here: SAVE THE DATE

SAVE THE DATE: Jim Sensenbrenner is coming to Wauwatosa to not listen to his constituents and not answer their questions, as is his wont. But we can still hold his feet to the fire if we show up in big numbers. He will be here on Monday, July 1st, 7:00 PM in the Firefly Room. Let's gather together and give him the warm Indivisible Tosa welcome he has earned. 

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