GRNS Webinars Planned

Grassroots Northshore is putting together a series of webinars on issues of concern to progressive folks.  Here's how Joe Messinger of GRNS describes the series:

"The purpose of these and subsequent webinars is to educate volunteers so that when they go out to persuade others to vote democratic the volunteers are informed. Over the first quarter Kevin Kane of Citizens Action of Wisconsin will speak three times on health care; Kim Wright from Wisconsin Environmental resources will speak three times; and Jon Peacock of WCCF will speak once on income inequality. Once we get going, we will look for other speakers.

"There is no organization being built or long term plan or any idea of signing up people for coverage. I left the topics to the speakers  so Kevin may mention where to go to get coverage.  Obviously the winter is a bad time for group meetings, or going door to door etc, We hope that 1/2 hour weekly webinars will appeal to volunteers."

The first webinar is scheduled for Jan. 9. Learn more here:

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