Grassroots Tosa Needs Your Help

The April 5th elections will have a profound impact on the future of our state, county and city — and they’re less than 5 weeks away!

Grassroots Tosa has endorsed the best candidates in those races (see below), but to get the word out, we need your help. We know that every election cycle brings tons of email like this one to your inbox, but we’re the only organization giving voice to progressives right here in Wauwatosa.

Because of Grassroots Tosa, scores of people stood alongside the railroad tracks on State Street to protest the oil-tanker trains that threaten our community.

Because of Grassroots Tosa, close to 200 people came to the Wauwatosa Public Library to hear a representative of the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition dispel dangerous myths about Islam and its mainstream adherents.

Because of Grassroots Tosa, more than 4,000 Wauwatosa citizens signed a petition to put the Move to Amend referendum on our local ballot to get big money out of politics (it passed overwhelmingly).

Because of Grassroots Tosa, hundreds of our fellow citizens knocked on doors, made phone calls, and worked on voter registration and get-out-the-vote drives.

Because of Grassroots Tosa, parents, teachers and janitors at our public schools and other public workers have an ally in their fight to support and maintain our public institutions and protect them against privatization.

Because of Grassroots Tosa, local activists had help making their voices heard regarding development in their neighborhoods.

Now we need your help to turn the page on the Walker-Abele reign of error. Please help us elect a new generation of leaders:

  • Wisconsin State Supreme Court: JoAnne Kloppenburg
  • Milwaukee County Executive: Chris Larson
  • Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Branch 31: Hannah Dugan
  • Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Branch 45: Jean Kies
  • Wauwatosa Alderperson, District 3: Nancy Welch
  • Wauwatosa Alderperson, District 6: Craig Wentzel (write-in)
  • Wauwatosa School Board Seat No. 1: Shawn Rolland
  • Wauwatosa School Board Seat No. 3: Emily Kenney

Your donation of $25 or more could help us place an ad in Wauwatosa NOW in support of these candidates before the April 5th election. How big an ad — or even whether we can buy ad space at all — depends on you.

But however much you can give, know that it will support Grassroots Tosa’s work of giving voice to progressives like you, not only on election day, but throughout the year.

Please give generously.

Here’s how: either donate online, or mail a check made out and addressed to Grassroots Tosa, 2344 N. 103rd St., Wauwatosa WI 53226.

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