Grassroots Tosa Endorses Chris Larson

The primary election to be held tomorrow, February 16, offers Milwaukee County voters a clear choice for the future direction of policies and politics in our county.


We have endorsed  Chris Larson for County Executive because we feel he represents the best chance for

  • maintaining our park system
  • maintaining public control over public schools
  • maintaining and improving the public transit system
  • maintaining representative government as a check and a balance on the power of the executive

The incumbent executive, Chris Abele, supports none of these things.  In fact for the last four years he has consistently worked with Scott Walker to continue the policies that Walker followed when he was County Executive, while increasing his own power and authority.

Please remember to vote Tuesday, Feb. 16, for Chris Larson for County Executive.

Who's endorsing

Jeffrey Kroll
virginia siehr
cornelia beilke

Will you endorse?

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