Get Radio-Active!

[From Citizens Action]

The Citizen Action Organizing Cooperative recently launched a campaign called Radio-Active, to break the right wing media monopoly in Milwaukee.  

RadioActive_thom.jpegTo fully launch the Radio-Active campaign, our first mission is to raise the money needed to hire a full-time organizer who will drive the campaign forward. Over the coming months, supporters will host fundraisers, house parties and other events to build support and raise the funds needed to accomplish these two goals:

1) The Radio Accountability Project will begin to immediately monitor right-wing radio programs, document their racist and hateful rhetoric, and use it to publicly pressure their advertisers and corporate sponsors to hold them accountable.

2) Meanwhile, the Radio-Active committee will explore the long-term goal of owning and/or operating a progressive talk radio station.

Radio-Active has been endorsed by Thom Hartmann, America's biggest name in progressive talk radio. Click here to listen to Thom's endorsement.

This is an exciting opportunity, but it’s going to take all of us working together to make it a success. Here’s how you can get involved right now:

• Join the Co-op as a Radio-Active founding member.

Help us break the right wing media monopoly in Milwaukee! Get RADIO-ACTIVE!!

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