Fair Election Yard Signs Available

The Supreme Court's failure to address extreme partisan gerrymandering, makes itall the more important than ever to get the electorate informed and energized to defeat it at the ballot box. You can help!

The single most important roadblock to good governance is voters being
unable to pick their representatives because of gerrymandered maps. New
maps will be drawn in 2021 and we must fight to see that a nonpartisan
process is in place before then.

Fair Maps Wisconsin has designed a yard sign that says *THIS TIME: Wisconsin Deserves FAIR
MAPS*. You can get a sign from Greg Walz-Chojnacki ([email protected]).  Here's a chance to add your voice to all the others out there demanding fairness and transparency.

This is a winning issue: 72% of Wisconsinites, including Republicans, want
nonpartisan redistricting so there can be a fair playing field. Other
states have Citizen Initiatives or binding referendums to address unfair
maps. We have neither option in our state.

Last time we had redistricting in Wisconsin, it was done by high-priced
lawyers, behind closed doors, by one party only, with confidentiality
agreements and sophisticated software that cut lines across towns and
cities to deliver a map that insured one party rule in our legislature
forever and beyond. If we blanket the state with signs, we can make our
state senators and state representatives keenly aware that the public is on
to them.

Contact Greg to get a sign.




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