County Board needs to hear from you by Thursday 5/25

Chair, County Grounds Coalition
Member, Grassroots Tosa Steering Committee

Here's the good news: the Milwaukee County Board is responding to our letters, emails, phone calls and vocal presence and is ready to act! So we need you to show up at Room 200 of the County Courthouse this Thursday at 11 a.m., when the County Board will consider the following motion: 

Be it Resolved, that the Milwaukee county Board of Supervisors hereby opposes any sale, land swap, rezoning/re-designation, or compromise of the acreage of County Grounds Park; and 

Be it Further Resolved, that Milwaukee County supports and encourages the City of Wauwatosa to rezone the remaining parcels of the approximate 43 acres of wooded area under Taxkey #372999917 and Taxkey #373999907, known as Sanctuary Woods, to the appropriate designation equivalent as parkland to expand the boundaries of County Grounds Park, and be subject to the protections granted under Wisconsin Statutes Section 59.17(2)(b)(3) that prohibit the sale of parkland. 

This resolution would remove any excuse Wauwatosa might have for delaying implementation of their own committee resolution, which put a hold on the city's development plans until the city and county find a way to preserve all of the County Grounds' remaining natural areas "in perpetuity." 

So please, once again, show your support by coming to the County Board meeting Thursday morning. If you can't make it, then once again write, call or email your supervisor and the county executive (find their contact info here

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