Campaign 2016

It may feel like Donald Trump and Ron Johnson are doing our campaign work for us, but there's more to this election than the 2016 results, as vital as that is..

It's also a chance to start building momentum for the crucial statewide elections of 2018.

The Combined Campaign is now operating out of our neighbors' homes in Wauwatosa, giving us a chance to identify and build relationships with the people who can help us win in November and beyond.

Please join us in reaching our fellow Tosans by phone banking and canvassing door to door!

It's easy to connect: just visit this web site:

There you can find and sign up for find upcoming phone banking and canvassing opportunities in Wauwatosa. (You can also search for activities in other areas.)

There will be more opportunities to get involved so check online often or watch for notifications from Grassroots Tosa.

Thanks for everything you do.



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