Boycott Driscoll berries!

We recently became aware of a national boycott of Driscoll strawberries due to poor working conditions for the farmworkers who pick the berries.  This is a general boycott of all Driscoll berries.  In Washington state the farmworkers are asking for union recognition, a grievance process, wage increase, better housing, a medical plan, a pesticide safety committee, and no children in the fields younger than 17 years old.

Driscoll also sells berries that are picked by workers in Baja, Mexico where wages can be as low as $12/day.

Driscoll is the largest berry distributor in the world with growers up and down the west coast, and the company’s profits come from this kind of exploitation.

More information can be found here:

Some retailers might not be carrying Driscoll berries that come from certain growers who are known to have the worst working conditions, but the farmworkers’ groups that are involved are calling for a general boycott of the Driscoll label, in order to pressure the company to take responsibility for all the growers they do business with.

We ask you to:

1) Avoid buying Driscoll berries

2) Let local retailers know why you are not buying Driscoll and encourage them to provide alternative brands

3) Write a brief note to the Driscoll corporation: [email protected] or call 800-871-3333 to let them know why you are honoring the boycott.  Ask them to forward your message to Kevin Murphy, Driscoll CEO.

Let’s do what we can to help ensure that the people who pick the berries we buy are treated with respect.

Thank you.

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