April 20, Fundraiser for Voces de la Frontera

Voces de la Frontera is fighting locally and nationally for immigrant rights. Helping threatened immigrant families takes money. Join us for

Fundraiser for Voces de la Frontera

Friday, April 20, 5 - 8p.m.
Milwaukee Labor Council -- Yatchak Hall
633 Hawley Rd., Milwaukee

 Potluck Dinner

Suggested Donation: $25
Direct donation link here: https://bit.ly/1OlX505

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Mueller Firing Rapid Response

Do you think Trump should not be above the law?

The Tax March folks have created a rapid response mechanism to quickly generate protests around the nation in the event that the president fires special prosecutor Robert Mueller. Sign up to be notified.

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Register students to vote!

From our friends at League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County. Please help if you can.

NOW is the time to step up and help high school students get registered to vote before they graduate this Spring.
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April 21, Earth Day forum on State of the Environment and 2018 Election

Saturday, April 21,
10 a.m. - Noon
Wauwatosa Firefly Room
(76th & North)

The County Grounds Coalition invites you to a forum featuring former State Rep. Spencer Black to discuss dramatic rollbacks of Wisconsin's environmental laws and the opportunities of the 2018 election.

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April 26, Zeidler Welcoming Community Dialogue

Welcoming Community: Continuing to Create a Thriving Tosa for All

Community Dialogue and Storytelling 

Welcome by Mayor Kathy Ehley

Featuring Ex Fabula Storytellers and Zeidler Center Facilitated Dialogue

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GRT Spring Election Endorsements

Grassroots Tosa has the following recommendations for the Spring 2018 elections:

Supreme Court - Rebecca Dallet

Referendum -Vote NO to proposal to eliminate the office of State Treasurer. Read more.

In contested Wauwatosa Aldermanic Races, Grassroots Tosa endorses:

District 1 - Matt Stippich
District 2 - Barbara Schoenherr
District 5 - Heather Kuhl
District 7 - No endorsement

Note: In District 6 Incumbent Allison Byrne's challenger, Brian Ewerdt, has withdrawn. However, Ewerdt's name remains on the ballot. Grassroots Tosa recommends that district 6 residents cast their votes for Allison Byrne, so that Ewerdt is not inadvertently elected.



March 28, Protest Abele's campaign spending

On Wednesday morning the League of Progressive Seniors is hosting a press conference to protest Abele's use of his fortune to deeply undermine democracy.  It is all legal but the league believes it is a bad precedent for local elections if Abele uses his PAC to overwhelm  his critics on the Board in their races through his dark money PAC.

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March 27: Protest Walker's misguided school safety plan **CANCELLED**

This event has been cancelled;Walker will not be visiting the school.

[From our friends at Indivisible Tosa]

Gov. Scott Walker has signed the $100 million school safety legislation, he is still planning to visit Roosevelt Elementary on Tuesday, March 27 at 1:30 p.m. The school safety bill is more rhetoric than real change. It contains zero gun safety measures. It does NOT do enough to protect our teachers or kids. Yet our governor is coming to Tosa to pose for a photo shoot to celebrate "mission accomplished."

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March 21, Drinking Liberally Tosa

Drinking Liberally Tosa is now ensconced at Red Dot, 6715 W. North Ave.  We have extended hours, too: 6-9 p.m.

Your host this week will be one of Tosa's most active progressives, Craig Wentzel. Be nice to him.

Greg is out of town next week, but he'll raise a glass to be with you in spirit.


"Bank Lobbyist Act"

[From our friends at Indivisible]

Last week, there were two major moments with S. 2155, otherwise known as the “Bank Lobbyist Act.”

On Monday, the Congressional Budget Office or “CBO,” (you might remember them as the independent budget scorekeepers from the Trumpcare fight!) analyzed S. 2155 and it was NOT pretty. The CBO determined that the bill was likely to increase the odds that government funding would go to bank bailouts.

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