Grassroots Tosa Endorsements for April 7 election

Grassroots Tosa has the following recommendations for the April 7 Elections

Supreme Court Justice: Ann Walsh Bradley

Supreme Court Referendum: Vote NO

Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors: Eddie Cullen

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Vote No on Supreme Court Referendum

Be sure to examine your ballot to find the referendum regarding he selection of the State Supreme Court Justice.

This referendum is a naked attempt to overturn decades of tradition and enhance extremist influence on the Supreme Court. It is a direct attack on Shirley Abrahamson, who, by virtue of her devotion to the rule of law, is detested by those who think the Supreme Court should serve the rule of politics -- THEIR politics.

The extreme right wing has managed to capture the legislature and the governorship. WE can't let them dominate the third branch of government, as well.

Vote NO!!

Read Bert Brandenburg's Proposed amendment would take power from the people in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Grassroot Tosa Endorses Eddie Cullen for County Supervisor

Based on his responses to our candidate questionnaire, GRT is endorsing Eddie Cullen for County Supervisor.

Eddie Cullen represents the progressive values we need in our county government. 

You can read more about Eddie at his website.


2015-17 Budget at a Glance

Gov. Walker’s fiscally irresponsible “Cut and Borrow” policies are preventing economic growth and holding Wisconsin families back. With a self-inflicted $2.2 billion budget deficit, a lagging economy and stagnant family wages, we need more effective solutions to invest in our communities and build a brighter future.

 As we work to responsibly balance the state budget, Democrats want to put Wisconsin families first and increase economic opportunities by strengthening our schools, investing in infrastructure and creating quality jobs.

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Justice Bradley yard signs available

We need to keep Ann Walsh Bradley on the Supreme Court!

I have yard signs. Let me know if you'd like one (or more).

You can contact me at [email protected]

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Elect Ann Walsh Bradley to the Supreme Court April 7

Will it be their dollars or our votes?

We're counting on progressive Tosans to vote for Ann Walsh Bradley of course, but we need something more:

Make sure your family, friends and neighbors vote, too!

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In-person absentee voting begins Monday, March 23

People wishing to vote in person by absentee ballot for the April 7th Spring Election may do so between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. the weeks of March 23-27 and March 30-April 3rd. Please note, City Hall is closed on Friday, April 3rd, but the Clerk's office will be open until 5 p.m. that day for absentee voting only.

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Joint Finance Committee public hearing March 20

The Joint Finance Committee will hold a public hearing on Friday, March 20 from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. in the Alverno College Pitman Theater (map).

Let them hear your voice!


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Solidarity Rally Saturday, Feb. 28

Thousands of working families have been coming to the Capitol to detail the impact of Right to Work legislation on their lives.  Workers have been speaking up and making it clear to their elected officials that Right to Work will lower wages for all, decrease workplace safety, destroy long-standing training programs that give workers valuable skills and make it harder Wisconsin to feed their families, pay their bills, and have a shot at a decent life. 

Last night, after hours of debate in the Senate, and with citizens watching and giving witness, the bill was passed, 17-15.

SOLIDARITY SATURDAY RALLY:  Join working families at 12:00 p.m. noon on Saturday, February 28, at the State Street Side of the Capitol to continue to oppose Right to Work. 

Will you be there? Click here to RSVP.

This week’s RTW fight back Schedule

MONDAY, March 2:  TESTIFY MONDAY AT ASSEMBLY LABOR COMMITTEE ROOM 417 North.  Register and testify against Right to Work at the Assembly Labor Committee meeting.

THURSDAY, March 5:  It is virtually certain the bill will go to the full Assembly floor on Thursday, March 5. Be there.

Together, we will continue to work for a better Wisconsin.  A Wisconsin where all workers have access to good family-supporting jobs and decent wages.  A Wisconsin where the democratic process is respected and revered. 

In Solidarity,

Phil Neuenfeldt, President

Stephanie Bloomingdale, Secretary-Treasurer

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Rally in Madison Saturday. Bus available

There's a bus going to Madison for Saturday's Feb. 28) rally that will be filled through reservations on a first come, first serve basis. You can reserve a spot on the bus by emailing Emily Kitchin at [email protected].  Feel free to share with any interested members. 

Milwaukee Bus to Madison

Meet at the  Milwaukee Area Labor Council

633 S. Hawley Road, Milwaukee, WI 53214

Departure Time: 9am 

More info on Saturday's Solidarity rally is available here. Statewide list of buses is available here

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