Take Action: Demand Probe into Russian Political Interference

Our congressman, F. James Sensenbrenner sits on the House Judiciary Committee. It is vital that this committee undertake the oversight we urgently need. Read about it below and contact Sensenbrenner, urging him to support investigations of Russian meddling in our politics and government.

We need to put pressure on him before the committee meets next Tuesday, Feb. 28!

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Vote Tuesday, Feb. 21


Tuesday, February 21st!!

Here's another opportunity to channel your concerns into solidresults! Vote to protect our schools from Scott Walker, our own Donald Trump.


 Tony Evers
For State Superintendent

We need to get out Democrats to vote and protect our Public Schools from the likes of Besty DeVos, Scott Walker, and Donald Trump. Tony Evers is our last line of defense against their extreme agenda of privatizing our schools.

Remind your friends to vote as well.


Chris Larson: Support Evers for Superintendent of Public Instruction

[This message was sent via email by State Senator Chris Larson. We are reprinting it here in case you didn't receive that email.]

Fellow Public Education Advocates,

We've seen a lot of attacks on our public schools in recent years. From Scott Walker’s historic cuts to our K-12 schools to the continued bullying of teachers by Republicans nationally.

Incredibly the Republican attacks on our children’s education knows no bounds! Today, we found out that that two anti-public education candidates for State Superintendent were plotting to divide up our school system and take over democratically elected boards.

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Laughing Liberally, Saturday, Feb. 18

Need a break from the dreary Trump headlines?

Check out Laughing Liberally this Saturday.

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Sensenbrenner Elm Grove Town Hall

The following is a reflection on the Town Hall meeting held by U.S. Representative F. James Sensenbrenner on Feb.12, 2017. It was written by Joe Kraynick of Indivisible Tosa.

I was at the Elm Grove Town Hall on Sunday, as were a few other Tosans. Turnout, as we know, was huge. When Rebecca took her video, some people had already left, and there were STILL tons of people there. And the room itself was jam packed, with about 98 percent on our general side. So, that was awesome.

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Sensenbrenner Town Hall, Feb.12

Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner is holding a town hall meeting at 1 p.m. Sunday at the Elm Grove Village Hall.

This is an opportunity to ask why he has not been challenging the egregious actions of President Trump.

Following are suggested questions to pose to Sensenbrenner, if given the opportunity.

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Black History Month Program



Wauwatosa Public Library Firefly Room 

Download the flyer

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Key points in understanding Wauwatosa’s proposed new master plan for the County Grounds and environs

By Jim Price


More than a year ago, the City of Wauwatosa commissioned a new master plan for the Northeast Quadrant of the County Grounds and surrounding areas stretching from Mayfair Road to Wauwatosa Village. The $200,000 planning contract went to GRAEF, the same firm that carried out plan, design and project management for Innovation Campus. The main thrust of GRAEF’s new plan is that Wauwatosa, as a transportation, retail and medical services hub, has already become a second urban center of the Milwaukee metropolitan area (rivaling downtown Milwaukee) and that it is time for Tosa to depart from suburban-value development (i.e., $1 million to $2 million per acre) and pursue high-value urban-scale development ($3 million to $5 million per acre). That implies doubling or tripling the per-square-foot value of property by increasing scale in both height and density. For example, the typical 3 to 4-story apartment or office building could become 6 to 10 stories with larger footprints in new developments. Setbacks might be decreased, and surface parking reduced through use of underground parking or more parking structures to maximize land value.

This plan envisions possible new development worth an additional $1.7 billion in appraised value, including 6,500 new residential units (mostly rental)250,000 square feet of new commercial office space; up to 125,000 square feet of (non-dining) retail space; and an additional 70,000 square feet of restaurant space. If built out in its entirety, this would be add an estimated $40 million to $50 million in property tax revenues per year.

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Wauwatosa Master Plan for County Grounds Parcel

Wauwatosa is developing a master plan that may include a new road through the last remaining corner of the County Grounds, known as “Sanctuary Woods."

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Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Oct. 29-30

We will be canvassing and phonebanking this weekend in Tosa.

  • Oct 29 at Sandy's 2472 N 65th St from 10-4pm  (10am-1pm and 1pm-4pm)
  • Oct 30 at Greg's 8007 Portland Ave from 10-3pm (10-1pm and 1pm-3pm)

I hope you all can make it for some door knocking and phone calling.

It's going to a great weekend!

Also keep in mind GOTV and our final November push -

  • November 5 - 9am, Noon, 3pm, 6pm
  • November 6 - 9am, Noon, 6pm  (Packers are playing around 3pm)
  • November 7 - 9am, Noon, 3pm, 6pm
  • November 8 - 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm

Let us know if you can join us this weekend and for GOTV.

Forward to victory

Greg Walz-Chojnacki
[email protected]



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