March 11, Shared Values Unity Gathering




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March 18-19, Voting Justice and Democratizing Elections Conference


Sponsored by Recount 2016 and Count My Vote Wisconsin

When: Saturday and Sunday March 18-19

Where: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Wisconsin Room at the Student Union
2200 East Kenwood Boulevard
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Join the struggle for fair and verifiable elections in Wisconsin.

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March 11, Forum on Sanctuary Woods



Sensenbrenner Wauwatosa Town Hall Meeting March 13

Congressman Sensenbrenner will hold a town hall meeting on Monday March 13 at 7 p.m. in the Firefly room of the Wauwatosa Library.

This is an opportunity to ask him about his views on repealing the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare) and to share our views on improving it.

It's also a chance to ask about investigations into Russian interference in our elections, and allegations of undue Russian influence on the Trump administration.

It's important that we conduct ourselves with dignity, but also that we don't allow Sensenbrenner to waste our time by evading questions.

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Indivisible Tosa holding Sensenbrenner office visits

Sensenbrenner Office Visit

3:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 28

120 Bishops Way, Room 154 
Brookfield, WI 53005-6294 

Let's tell Rep. Sensenbrenner what we think of

Russian interference in American Politics and policy!

Join the national #ResistTrumpTuesdays movement as we take our message to Rep. Sensenbrenner's Brookfield office. This is a great opportunity to share your concerns and questions directly with his staff.


Tuesday, March 7, Whiteness & Privilege


A community dialogue sponsored by the Frank Zeidler Center for Public Discussion

Tuesday, March 7, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Workshop Architects (201 E Pittsburgh Ave)

Part of the Fellows and Facilitators Series, this event continues the dialogue on race and segregation in the Greater Milwaukee area, focusing this time on Whiteness and Privilege.

The evening will begin with an introduction including Reggie Jackson of America's Black Holocaust Museum, and UWM Prof. Gregory Jay. 

Free event - Click Here to RSVP!


Take Action: Demand Probe into Russian Political Interference

Our congressman, F. James Sensenbrenner sits on the House Judiciary Committee. It is vital that this committee undertake the oversight we urgently need. Read about it below and contact Sensenbrenner, urging him to support investigations of Russian meddling in our politics and government.

We need to put pressure on him before the committee meets next Tuesday, Feb. 28!

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Vote Tuesday, Feb. 21


Tuesday, February 21st!!

Here's another opportunity to channel your concerns into solidresults! Vote to protect our schools from Scott Walker, our own Donald Trump.


 Tony Evers
For State Superintendent

We need to get out Democrats to vote and protect our Public Schools from the likes of Besty DeVos, Scott Walker, and Donald Trump. Tony Evers is our last line of defense against their extreme agenda of privatizing our schools.

Remind your friends to vote as well.


Chris Larson: Support Evers for Superintendent of Public Instruction

[This message was sent via email by State Senator Chris Larson. We are reprinting it here in case you didn't receive that email.]

Fellow Public Education Advocates,

We've seen a lot of attacks on our public schools in recent years. From Scott Walker’s historic cuts to our K-12 schools to the continued bullying of teachers by Republicans nationally.

Incredibly the Republican attacks on our children’s education knows no bounds! Today, we found out that that two anti-public education candidates for State Superintendent were plotting to divide up our school system and take over democratically elected boards.

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Laughing Liberally, Saturday, Feb. 18

Need a break from the dreary Trump headlines?

Check out Laughing Liberally this Saturday.

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