July 8, Fired Up for Tammy Baldwin BBQ


3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Greg & Mary Walz-Chojnacki's Home
8007 Portland Avenue
Wauwatosa, WI 53213


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Save the Date: July 6, Sensenbrenner Tosa Town Hall

Town Hall
Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner
Thursday, July 6
7 p.m.
Wauwatosa Public Library

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Health Care Town Hall

Firefly Room
Wauwatosa Library
Thursday, June 29, 7 p.m.


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Why a constitutional convention?

The Wisconsin State Assembly’s call for a constitutional convention – supposedly to pass a balanced budget amendment – may be a chance for the public to finally declare total war on ALEC, the right wing organization responsible for some of the most reprehensible legislation coming out of GOP-held state legislatures across the country.

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Reaping the whirlwind

Another U.S. representative has been shot. (Note to right-wing haters: Gabby Gifford, a Democrat, was the first.)

Don’t expect this to be the last time. We have to recognize that people who buy guns are going to use them. And we have to expect that the mounting frustration of American voters is going to find expression in gun violence.

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June 25, Friends of the Monarch Trail Planting Party!

The Friends of the Monarch Trail will be hosting a "Planting Party” to continue to restore the habitat for Monarch butterflies on the County Grounds.

Join us for a couple of hours on Sunday, June 25th from noon to 3 pm to help us plant another section with milkweeds and nectar plants.  Bring friends, family, a trowel and gloves.  This is a way to help the monarch population and a chance to spend time at the Monarch Trail which is being restored by a growing community of individuals invested in protecting and restoring this unique site.

Please park on Discovery Parkway as we will be meeting by the kiosk on the corner of Discovery Parkway and Eschweiler Drive. Please look for feather banners. 

For more information about the Friends of the Monarch Trail, please visit www.theMonarchTrail.org


Election fraud: It’s the machines, stupid!

While the GOP has been shedding crocodile tears about election fraud — a demonstrably vain concern — others have for years* been warning about the dangers of electronic, web-enabled, non-auditable (or unaudited) voting machines.

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REMINDER: Sunday "Gathering on the Grounds"

HOLD THE DATE!!! — 2pm Sunday, June 18 — MARK YOUR CALENDAR!!!

Join us in a celebration of the progress we've made with music and refreshments, and hear a brief update on what we still need to do. Then take a tour of Sanctuary Woods and County Grounds Park led by experts, including Dr. Michael McBride.

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Five-minute state action on health care

Call our state legislators to tell them you're in favor of the Health Care Consumer Protection Package, which would prohibit lifetime limits and prevent discrimination based on pre-existing conditions, among other things.

Call your state assembly rep (Dale Kooyenga, 608-266-9180, or Rob Hutton, 608-267-9836), and your state senator (Leah Vukmir, 608-266-2512).

The Health Care Protection Package includes:

  • LRB 1882/LRB 1151: Prohibiting lifetime and annual limits under health insurance policies and plans.
  • LRB 1881/LRB 1150: Prohibiting preexisting condition exclusion and rate setting based on preexisting conditions.
  • LRB 1884/LRB 1199: Requiring coverage and prohibiting cost sharing for preventive services under health insurance policies and plans
  • LRB 3444/LRB 2107: Coverage of certain essential health benefits
  • LRB 2988/LRB 3484: Maintaining access to reimbursements to family planning providers in the Medical Assistance Program

Learn more and find a script.

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County Board needs to hear from you by Thursday 5/25

Chair, County Grounds Coalition
Member, Grassroots Tosa Steering Committee

Here's the good news: the Milwaukee County Board is responding to our letters, emails, phone calls and vocal presence and is ready to act! So we need you to show up at Room 200 of the County Courthouse this Thursday at 11 a.m., when the County Board will consider the following motion: 

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