Be the Blue Wave!

With all the talk of a Blue Wave in 2018, it's easy to think of it as a phenomenon we read about in the news or hear on TV or the radio.

In fact, it's something we all DO. And if we don't do it, it doesn't happen.

Wauwatosa is fortunate to be fielding four candidates who will support our progressive agenda of fair taxation, sound public education, world-class infrastructure, and democratic government. We are asking you to pitch in to support:

Tom Palzewitz, who is challenging F.James Sensenbrenner in the 5th Congressional District
Julie Henszey, is running against Dale Kooyenga in the 5th State Senate;
Dennis McBride, who is running against Walker rubber stamp Rob Hutton in the 13th Assembly District; and
Robyn Vining, who is running against a plethora of GOP extremists for the 14th Assembly District

These candidates all need your financial support, and your time at the doors and on the phones. Each victory is a powerful rebuke to the cruel policies of Donald Trump, the unconscionable lack of oversight by the GOP-held Congress, the overreach and retrograde policies of Scott Walker and the Wisconsin GOP.

The GOP has the money from billionaires, but we are the legion who can work to elect legislators who support the tens of millions of Americans who work for a living, rather than the plutocrats who are bleeding our country's future.

There are many ways to help: Contribute, make calls, canvass, host a house party. Use the links below to connect with the campaigns and offer your support.



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