Aug. 9 Primary Election!

Tom‌orrow, Tue‌sday, Aug‌ust 9 is primary election day. You already know how fake Democrats are making our turnout vital in the primary.

Polling places across Wisconsin will be open from 7‌:0‌0 AM until 8‌:‌0‌0 PM. Have you made a plan to vote yet?

Voting in the Aug‌ust 9 Wisconsin primary is easy:

  1. Make sure you're registered to vote
  2. Find your polling place
  3. Grab your photo ID
  4. Go vote for Russ Feingold and John  Chisholm

What else can I do?

Glad you asked!

There is still a big GOTV push going on.

Canvassing and phone banking is being conducted in West Allis at 2837 S. Aurene Circle in West Allis (map).

To learn more, contact Adam Kubiske, (703) 678-6835 or [email protected]

And be sure to remind your friends to vote for Feingold and Chisholm in the primary on Aug. 9!

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