About Grassroots Tosa

For the past 100 years, Wisconsin has been a proud beacon of progressive ideas.  Our state was the first to implement workers compensation protection, to pass one of the nation’s first collective bargaining laws for public employees, and to ratify the 19th amendment granting national suffrage to women.  Wisconsin was one of the first three states to prohibit discrimination in employment.  Early on, our state passed laws to regulate factory safety, encouraged the formation of cooperatives, and passed forest and waterpower conservation acts.

Grassroot Tosa was created in 2004 to support and embody that outstanding progressive tradition in our local community.  Since then, with the help of many hard-working volunteers, we have

  • Given a voice to hundreds of Tosans who signed our newspaper ads in support of progressive candidates for state and local elections;
  • Held demonstrations and public hearings to oppose many of the destructive policies coming from our state government in recent years
  • Endorsed candidates, worked on voter registration and Get Out the Vote efforts throughout Tosa
  • Collected signatures of more than 4000 Tosa citizens to put the Move to Amend referendum on our local ballot to get big money out of politics; the referendum passed overwhelmingly
  • Supported local activists in their efforts to have a voice regarding development in their neighborhoods
  • Organized public forums on education, the state budget, healthcare policy, conservation, women’s issues, and the religion of Islam

General Principles

We are Wauwatosa area residents who wish to promote policies that will continue to make our community and state a great place to live.  We welcome anyone who shares our vision of:

  • democratic principles of good government, including broad participation, accountability and transparency
  • policies that give high priority to ensuring that good public education, employment, fair wages, health care, housing and public transportation are available to all
  • a fair and progressive tax structure that supports the public institutions that we rely on today, and ensures that they will remain strong and in place for our children
  • a community that promotes multi-culturalism, diversity and inclusiveness
  • an open electoral process that encourages the broadest possible voter participation and does not permit obstacles to voting
  • fair treatment of our teachers and all public employees, and respect for the important services they provide to our community; support for all workers’ rights to organize and bargain collectively for their pay and working conditions
  • the right of each woman to available quality healthcare and to maintain control over her reproductive health
  • respect for our natural resources, maintenance of regulation necessary to protect our environment and preservation of undeveloped green spaces
  • working with our public officials to maintain and improve our quality of life in Wauwatosa and in Wisconsin

Join us!

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