Elect Progressives to the Outpost Board

If you are a member of Outpost Natural Foods, there is an Outpost Board election being held thru April 3rd. It is important that Outpost upholds their  stated goals, including paying their employees a living wage.

While the head of the Outpost makes well over a six-figure salary, many employees earn well under a living wage. Besides this issue, there other issues Outpost must deal with on a weekly basis, including whether to carry products of companies where workers are striking  or carrying products where active boycotts are taking place.
For all these issues we need progressive minded people on the Board.  We encourage you to vote. According to the information at this link, you should receive a postcard from Outpost giving you a code in order to vote. If not, you should call them. We encourage you to support the following three candidates who have committed to having Outpost treat all their employees fairly:
  1.  Rick Banks
  2.  Anna Dvorak
  3.  Alex Brower

Their biographies are at this link.
Besides voting, we encourage all of you to contact your progressive friends and neighbors and encourage them to support these candidates. Thanks
Frank and Joanne Shansky
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