The Future of Grassroots Tosa


Grassroots Tosa has reached a crossroads. While we have had many fellow travelers in the 14 years since the project began, we have had a shrinking participation in our steering committee. As a consequence, we’ve been able to do less.

Furthermore, the generous donation that has sustained our website and communications has dwindled to practically nothing.

To continue, we would need people to step up to the steering committee, and financial support to sustain our ability to communicate and organize.

An alternative is to merge with another group or partner with other local groups as a coalition to inform and activate Wauwatosans on local, state and national public policy issues.

We would appreciate your input on these alternatives. Please answer the 8 questions in this survey to give us guidance.



Do you support Grassroots Tosa's continuing its efforts to advance progressive causes in our community?

I would support Grassroots Tosa if it were part of a coalition of local and possibly regional groups.
Yes, I think we need a distinct group to continue the work Grassroots Tosa has performed
No, I'd prefer to find a group that is engaged in an issue that I'm concerned aout.

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