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Practical Advice Regarding Voter ID

Three judges on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago have ruled in favor of Wisconsin's voter ID law.  That means that the voter ID regulations will be in force for the November election unless the ruling is overturned on appeal. 

This is voter suppression and it's what Republicans do.  There's no need to be surprised and there's no need to see their tactic as an insurmountable obstacle. We can overcome it, but it's going to take dedication and effort.  We have to keep working on voter registration and we have to keep working on GOTV.

Meanwhile, some practical advice for you, your children, and your friends who might be wondering about their voter ID status:
1. Do they have a current Wisconsin Driver License? If yes, that's all they need to vote.
2. If no, do they you have a Wisconsin ID card? If yes, that's all they need to vote.
3. If no, are they a college student? If yes, they can use their student ID + schedule or fee receipt.
4. If no, do they have a US passport? If yes, they can use that.
If the person has none of these, they should go right away to the DMV and apply for an ID card.
The address on the DL, ID card, passport, etc does NOT have to be current. The card, passport, etc, does NOT have to have an address on it at all.


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